Construction & Mechanic jsc. (HTM Jsc.)

2010 was the eighth year of the Motor and Transport Construction Joint Stock Company (HTM). Operating in the field of construction and investment construction Industrial Zone, Urban Area, which is suffering from fierce competition, the company has implemented a business accounting mechanism with high autonomy - attached with the responsibility and benefits of each individual in the business.

When summing up the production and business process over the past 8 years, it is proud to see that businesses make profits, grow steadily and steadily, create more jobs for society, the income of workers. Dynamic improvement markedly. The mobilization of social resources such as capital, knowledge, technology ... is promoted more effectively.

Currently, the company has the size of a medium-sized enterprise on the rise with a total charter capital of VND 100 billion, production and business organizations in 16 areas. In terms of human resources, the company has a staff of 589 people (of which 89 specialized engineers) are staffed into 4 functional departments and 7 subordinate units. The production and business premises of the company include the office in Dang Hai ward, Hai An district with an area of ​​4665m2 and the owner of 40,000m2 office with standard factory for rent in Do Son industrial park.

Currently, brand and reputation are the most important assets of JSC construction and transport engineering. Hai Phong urban area is more spacious and modern, also has an important contribution of the company. It can be mentioned here that the superficial projects in Hai Phong are being constructed by the company as the main building, the teaching and research training of Hai Phong Medical University ..... As the investor of the Court project. Multi-function Commercial Center house located in Lot 2A - Le Hong Phong Street - Hai Phong is a 15-storey building with a floor area of ​​362.5 m2 each. The project is designed modernly and luxuriously, creating an architectural highlight of the city of Hai Phong city; Elevators, smart air conditioners and other advanced technical systems ensure the standards and operational requirements of a multi-function commercial center.

Especially, the project to invest in the construction of a standard factory office area on an area of ​​82,960m2 in Hai Thanh industrial cluster, Duong Kinh district. So far, the project has completed the preparation of investment, embarking on the implementation stage. Standard factory for rent at Hai Thanh Industrial Complex - Duong Kinh District - Hai Phong City is located adjacent to provincial road 353 and high-speed motorway Hanoi - Hai Phong, next to Lach Tray river. 7 km from Hai Phong port, 8 km from Cat Bi airport and 100 km from Hanoi capital, very convenient for transportation. The standard office and factory area is designed with modern and convenient facilities, meeting international standards. Especially with wastewater and solid waste treatment system. 2,500 KV high voltage power station, 1,000 KVA power generation station together with information cable system of high-speed ADSL transmission line. The fire and explosion prevention and control system is synchronous, self-contained, suitable for office operations and creates the best production environment to attract high-tech projects, clean technology without pollution.This project has a total investment of VND 250 billion, divided into 2 phases. Phase I is expected to complete this year will put into use 30,000 m2 of factory and standard office. This project is aimed at foreign investors who want to invest in supporting industries, producing electronic products, household appliances, automotive parts, garments, stationery ... With a clean and beautiful green environment, the process of managing and operating professional rental factories, this project is expected to attract investment of 50 million USD, creating more jobs for about 3,000 workers and contributing increase in revenue for the local budget.

In the near future, the joint venture company cooperating with Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Financial Investment Corporation (VIDIFI., JSC) will continue to implement a number of large infrastructure projects such as Cau Cuu Industrial Park (area area of ​​100 ha, investment capital of VND 631 billion), Hung Dao Industrial Park (area of ​​147 ha, investment capital of VND 872 billion), KTDT Quang Trung (area of ​​60 ha, investment capital of VND 290 billion), Trang Cat urban area ( area of ​​157 ha, invested capital of VND 958 billion), the project of service of the end-of-line and port logistics - Hanoi - Hai Phong high-speed motorway (area of ​​60 ha, investment capital of VND 348.6 billion) .... The staff of the Construction and Transport Construction Joint Stock Company are trying day and night so that the above-mentioned projects can be put into operation soon, contributing to bringing the city to the fast-moving port on the public road. industrialization - modernization.